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Linolenic acid:


Linolenic acid contains: alpha linolenic acid and gamma linolenic acid


Alpha linolenic acid is a precursor of DHA and EPA, the body's own enzyme linolenic acid can be converted to DHA and EPA. Alpha linolenic acid has anti inflammation, resist blood clots (thrombosis), blood (inhibition of platelet aggregation), resisting arrhythmia, anti-cancer, lowering blood fat of blood pressure, improve the effect of vascular elasticity, also have adjust the function of the central nervous system, improve memory, in medicine, health products and other fields have wide development prospects.


DHA can increase myocardial cell membrane fluidity and stability of myocardial cell membrane potential, reduce myocardial excitability, reduce the incidence of ectopic rhythm, has obvious anti arrhythmia.


EPA and DHA can relieve the symptoms of arthritis caused by collagen of dermatitis resistance, reduce the incidence of psoriasis. EPA and DHA have anticancer effect. Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that diet rich in fish oil, can reduce the risk of cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer mortality decline. EPA and DHA are the essential fatty acids, brain cells in the brain's gray matter, white matter, and in nerve tissue, mitochondrial, synaptosome in brain cells and particles are found in the body, it is closely related to the function of the brain cells).


Gamma linolenic acid is alpha linolenic acid isomers, gamma linolenic acid on serum triglyceride lipid-lowering effect, is reported to reduce hyperlipidemia better and safety of the highest, to reduce serum cholesterol effect is very good also. Recoverable by injury of nerve cells function in patients with diabetes, reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels and inhibit platelet aggregation in vivo.


Linoleic acid:


Linoleic acid in the human body can be converted into gamma linolenic acid, DH - gamma linolenic acid and arachidonic acid, can also be used as energy or storage.


Linoleic acid is the main physiological function, physiological regulation substances as the precursor substances (such as prostaglandins); Linoleic acid can make cholesterol ester, so as to reduce the cholesterol levels in the serum and liver, also in diabetes prevention; Linoleic acid can inhibit the formation of arterial thrombosis, which can prevent the occurrence of myocardial infarction. Linoleic acid also plays an important role to maintain the body function of cell membrane.

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