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Flax seed oil will become the darling of the new era

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Chief expert of China grain and oil association, China grain and oil to oil branch of rui-yuan wang in grease professional conference a few days ago, flax seed, although a small variety, but it is one of the eight oil in China, the annual output 400000 tons, is large variety of small varieties. Flax seed, mainly in hebei, gansu and Inner Mongolia, ningxia, shanxi, such as planting. According to the national bureau statistics, the reality of our country for oil flax seed, about 300000 tons, annual output of 9 ~ 100000 tons of oil.


Rui-yuan wang said the alpha linolenic acid content in flaxseed oil is high, as a kind of special high-end cooking oil, nutrition and health by vast consumers cognition also need a process. North south, tea seed oil, due to flax seed oil as a representative of the high-end product.


Henan university of technology professor shao-jun tian in when it comes to the application prospect of flax seed and flax seed oil, alpha linolenic acid, flaxseed gum, lignans in the health food industry, clinical medicine and cosmetics industry has very good application, flax protein feed, with good functional concentrated protein and peptide also for further development and application. Cofco jian-tao liu believes that to develop brand flax seed oil, improve residents' dietary health, should be gradually in different regions and different target groups.

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