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Cholesterol opponent-----Flax seed oil

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Cholesterol is a cyclopentane hydrogen phenanthrene derivatives, widely exists in animals, such as: porcine, ovine and porcine kidney, liver, lung, spleen and intestine as well as egg yolk. But cholesterol is also divided into two kinds, a kind of high density cholesterol, also called "good cholesterol". There is a low density of cholesterol, also called bad cholesterol, if more in the body will bring, cardiovascular disease risk.

In the diet we eat meat, containing different degrees of cholesterol. At the same time, we also need from the flesh absorb other nutrients, then we in the daily diet, eat more food of some cholesterol nemesis, in order to ease the blood in the body tube burden.


Dietary fiber, vitamin C, fungi sterols, vitamin E foods can helps the body reduce cholesterol, can also help the body cholesterol emulsion, and then out of the body metabolism. So the daily must eat the food, to avoid the occurrence of three. Dietary fiber food mainly exists in plant ingredients, such as whole grains, oat bran food, its in vivo and cholesterol combined, the through feces excreted.

Vitamin C foods, mainly in the fruit more, it makes cholesterol in the liver into bile acid, bile acid to the small intestine, and promote fat absorption, a major transformation. Fungus sterol is to account for the role of position, when the position of sterol of fungi in vivo occupancy of cholesterol, cholesterol can only be excreted.

Flax seeds contain more vitamin E, can help us clean blood vessels, also in flaxseed and other two kinds of compositions, a is linolenic acid, linolenic acid effect is very much can not only help the occurrence of thrombosis control, can also lower blood lipids promote insulin secretion, prevention and treatment of diabetes. Promote the natural death of cancer cells, increase their mortality.

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