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Has the diet of the value of edible oil----Flax seed oil

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Flax seed oil is flax seed after correlation processing to extract high-quality edible oil, is people in the daily diet of linolenic acid was the best way, but also the most diet and health value of edible oil, no one.

Authentic origin

Flax is a traditional oil and fiber crops, as early as in the ancient stone age has been planted and used. Oil flax also known as flax, mainly distributed in our country in a cold climate, the temperature difference between day and night is large, light enough, fertile soil, away from the contaminated area, such as China's Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Zhangjiakou Bashang grassland to illumination. The more fresh and natural environment, the higher the oil content of flax seed, the better the activity of flax seed oil.

Production process

There are three kinds of methods to produce the oil, hot pressing, cold pressing, and chemical leaching. The first two methods are known physical squeezing method, hot press is after high-temperature fried or steamed and then press, and cold pressing is under the condition of low temperature, directly in the strong physical pressure to squeeze, cell protein undeformed, the active ingredient in the most rich and comprehensive, so cold pressing method in terms of edible health point of view is best method.

Characteristic taste

Cold pressed flax seed oil can avoid high temperature damage, so the most effective ingredients to retain the most comprehensive, particularly refreshing taste, no greasy feeling.


Nutrient elements


1, rich in alpha linolenic acid, content as high as 53%, but in the human body can be converted into eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid;

2 alpha linolenic acid, polysaccharide, antitumor, antithrombotic, fall hematic fat, nutrition brain cells, adjust plant nerve, etc.;

3, rich in VE, can remove free radicals, with anti-aging and anti-oxidation function;

4, are rich in flavonoids substances 23 mg / 100 g, can fall hematic fat, resistance of atherosclerosis;

5, rich in unsaturated fatty acid, the other can lower cholesterol, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel.

6, is rich in minerals, especially containing potassium and zinc, very beneficial to human body health.


Health effection


Promote infant brain and visual development

Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, maintaining a youthful body

Beauty to raise colour, make skin more smooth, soft

Metabolism of fat, auxiliary model body to lose weight

Alleviate dysmenorrhea symptoms, alleviate premenstrual syndrome

Relieve mood, keep the peace mentality, inhibit the depression

Relieve a cough, asthma, allergies and other symptoms

Arthritis, gout, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, etc

Auxiliary treatment of inflammation of the tissues and organs

Can be anti-cancer, anti-tumor, reduce the incidence of cancer

Cholesterol, blood lipid, blood pressure and blood sugar, prevent blood clots

Help the body eliminate moisture, reduce oedema

Enhance the capacity of intestinal peristalsis, alleviate constipation


Consumption of attention


Flax seed oil nutritional value is high, but not high temperature resistant, so it's best to eat at low temperature, such as: salad, soup, baking, mix in food or drink. Don't recommend cooking or Fried with linseed oil, because of the high temperature will destroy all of its nutrients, if must be used for cooking, can blending with other two or three kinds of edible oil, and pay attention to grasp the oil temperature, advice below 80 degrees Celsius (hot pot of cold oil, oil overheating will put stir-fry dishes).

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