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The effect of cold-pressed linseed oil

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Linseed oil is alpha linolenic acid content is highest in the world of vegetable oil, alpha linolenic acid content of 51% to 65% or more. Flaxseed is "medicine food homology", is approved by the ministry of health "both food and medicine" list of items.

"Compendium of materia medica" load "flax, fill viscera, pulp fill brain, good strength, to fat concentration, acid salt, long muscles, dryness functions; cure itchy skin, leprosy, dizziness, and constipation.


The basis of health


Alpha linolenic acid is constitute the basis of the cell membrane and enzyme substance, is crucial to human body health. Alpha linolenic acid is needed but lack human body health, need to add a kind of essential nutrients.


Intelligence and visual impact


Alpha linolenic acid (10%) solid mass in the brain In the study of accounting for 25% of hippocampal cells; Accounting for 50% of brain and retina of phospholipids.


To prevent the loss of nutrition


Lack of alpha linolenic acid, vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients cannot be effective absorption and utilization, resulting in the loss of nutrition.


Genetic relationship


Alpha linolenic acid was stronger than the effect such as DHA, alpha linolenic acid in the body can be converted into DHA and DPA, EPA, and DHA supplementation can only play a part. Alpha linolenic acid is the origin of DHA.


Nutrition board


If compare the eight kinds of nutrients to the board, they together form a barrel, for all the alpha linolenic acid, a board that will be the shortest it's highly directly determine the level of health and nutrition.


The FDA study demonstrates:


Lack of alpha linolenic acid will lead to children's brain and retinal developmental delays, can't concentrate, nutritional imbalance, can not effectively absorb, directly lead to mental retardation, action is not harmonious, weak eyesight, adhd, obesity, anorexia, development is slow, low immunity and so on more than 30 symptoms and diseases.


The world health organization (WH0) and the UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) in 1993, joint statement, given the importance of the alpha linolenic acid and the present situation of the general lack of human, decided to worldwide special promotion of alpha linolenic acid. The world health organization (WHO), the ministry of health of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese nutrition society is equal to 2000 agree that alpha linolenic acid is the only omega 3 departments must fatty acids. Many countries of the world such as America, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries legislation, in the specified must add alpha linolenic acid in food and metabolites, before sales.


Chinese people dietary general lack of alpha linolenic acid, daily intake of less than the world health organization recommended half of 1.25 grams per day. At present domestic perception of alpha linolenic acid was not enough, for the use of alpha linolenic acid is not common, experts called for national legislation special supplement alpha linolenic acid. In the usual food, alpha linolenic acid content is very few. Is the most ideal food rich in alpha linolenic acid, flax seed oil (or called sesame oil).

The 18 functions of xinqidian linseed oil

1 Body Lotion

Improve skin fat, make the skin more smooth, moist, soft and elastic, and make the skin to breathe and normal perspiration, reduce skin problems.

2 weight loss

The oil to the oil can help metabolism, consume excess body fat, to restore normal basal metabolic function of the body is healthy diet food.

3 improving the women's syndrome

There are many women with the syndrome of the former, such as dysmenorrhea, the symptoms of fresh flax oil after eating a total loss, of course, need to cooperate with vitamins and minerals.

4 lifting resistance

3 can reduce the body's stress caused by the impact of harmful chemical substances, stable mood, maintain a calm state of mind, reduce depression and insomnia.

5 reduce allergic reaction

3 help reduce allergic reactions, but because the whole body to re organize, to eliminate the need for a long time, a more comprehensive nutrition.

6 reduce asthma

After a few days, you can significantly reduce asthma attacks.

7 improve arthritis

The experimental results show that 3 of the treatment and prevention of arthritis have a great effect. 3 patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with 60% and 6 fatty acids, can completely stop eating non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, while the other 20% can be a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs halved.

8 improve organ tissue inflammation

Omega 3 pairs of organs and tissues to prevent inflammation of great help, including meningitis, tendinitis, tonsillitis, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, arteritis, phlebitis, prostatitis, kidney inflammation, spleen inflammation, hepatitis, pancreatitis, ear infections, such as, as well as ringworm and eczema.

9 lower cholesterol

Omega-3 can reduce high levels of cholesterol in the blood of 25% and triglyceride of glycerides of 65%, the excess low-density cholesterol (LDL) into acid excreted.

10 reduce cardiac load

Can reduce high blood pressure, reduce blood lipid content, while increasing the level of unsaturated fatty acids, improve blood concentration, reduce blood viscosity, maintain blood fluidity, prevent vascular obstruction and related diseases. In addition to prevent blood clots, prevention of stroke (cerebral artery clogging), heart disease (blockages in the heart arteries), pulmonary vein thrombosis (pulmonary artery clogging) and surface of vascular disease (i.e. jaundice sores).

11 improve in stagnant water

Help kidney to remove sodium and water. Water usually appear in certain situations, ankle swelling overweight, premenstrual syndrome, cardiovascular disease and late cancer.

12 improve renal function

3 to adjust the prostaglandin (Prostaglandin), promote the secretion of liver, pancreas and spleen, so that the body metabolism is normal.

13 improve constipation

Improve the intestinal function, increase the absorption capacity, increase the ability of intestinal peristalsis to make the normal defecation, reduce constipation.

14 promote cell health

Improve the moisture and elasticity of the cell membrane, increase in cell respiration and nutrient exchange functions, and strengthen the body's cells repair and healing ability. The cells healthy and to reduce the chance of cancer.

15 to promote the brain flexible

Increasing brain transmission medium (Neurotransmitter), to strengthen the brain activity function, so that the brain is more effective, better learning thinking.

16 energetic

Balance and improve the body blood sugar, so you have more energy. Also can increase muscle endurance, it can make faster muscle fatigue after exercise.

17 protect eyesight

Shugan Mingmu, optic nerve nutrition, improve the retinal function, prevent eyesight abate, promote the growth and development of children's vision.


Provide 3 fatty acids, balance dietary fat, improve lipid metabolism disorders, improve the body's sensitivity to insulin. Clinically proven, a significant improvement in fasting blood glucose.

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