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Xinqidian organic flax seed oil

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Xinqidian organic flax seed oil, selection of high quality natural organic flaxseed, proprietary technology by low temperature press filtration, bottling and and rich plant source of Omega - 3 linolenic acid and omega - 6 linoleic acid in human essential fatty acids and other natural ingredients, long-term edible can balanced nutrition, enhance health. This product is not exposed to any chemical solvents, and does not contain harmful trans fats and pesticide residues, which have a unique flavor of fresh and fresh oil.

Organic flax seed oil taste pure, in order to obtain the best nutrition and taste, directly for drinking or other food salad, please avoid high temperature heating.


Product features:

1 organic flax oil is a natural gift to us the best essential fatty acid Omega-3 precious sources, activated cells, help in the body of the brain required to form DHA fatty acids. Health and nutrition for the whole family of oil.

2 top organic flax seed pressed, which does not contain heavy metals pollution, pesticide residues

3 do not add artificial additives, preservatives and pigments

Flax seed oil production process: low temperature, cold pressure - the best delicious full nutrition

4 to retain the unique flavor and nutrition of flax

With the industry rare development process, in the low temperature cold pressed oil. After the raw material is cleaned, it is directly squeezed, and the unique flavor and nutrients of flax are reserved.

5 selection of high quality dark bottle

Oxidation and damage of the nutrient components of the oil.

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