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Due to the long-term requirements of their deprivation do not even eat meat, many people have imperceptibly became vegetarians. However, for a long time James Hunxing will make the human body needed some nutrients not timely supplement, so that some parts of the body damage. The following suggestions for the construction of a number of enhanced dietary nutrition.

With the strengthening of people's health consciousness and aesthetic ideas change, eat more fruits and vegetables, and has become a very important content of today's disease prevention and health. These gradients of vegetarians, and those due to various reasons, never touch the Hunxing vegetarians, constitute a small group.

Vegetarians are more tired of greasy food, although so, moderate intake of fat with beneficial not only beneficial to health, but also be able to play in the cancer. However, for vegetarians, because they do not eat fish, eggs and seafood, so often can not get this kind of fat. As an alternative, vegetarians can eat some flax seed oil, containing xinqidian flax seed oil rich in alpha linolenic acid, it is the essential fatty acid for the human body.

Both children and adult vegetarians, daily meals, it shall arrange five to six contain high protein food, such as beans, nuts, seeds, tofu and other soy products, eggs, or dairy products. Though there are many kinds of these foods, but can be edible, edible collocation.

Calcium is a key element to maintain the normal work of the human body. Vegetarians can not only get calcium supplement from the meat, because they are basically not drinking dairy products, so it is not necessary to get the necessary calcium supplement. So scientists suggest that, in the case of possible cases, vegetarians should not be excluded from milk and dairy products, should be appropriate to eat dairy products. In addition, often drink Soybean Milk, eat beans, broccoli, calcium fortified juice and corn will be able to play an important role in calcium supplement. Vegetarians should pay attention to is that although like cabbage and mustard greens, is regarded as a high calcium content, but and not all dark green vegetables of calcium can be absorbed by the body. For example, spinach and beet contains high oxalate, can prevent the body's absorption of calcium. Although vegetables can also be a calcium channel, but its effect is far better than all dairy products.

The vegetarian diet, though, belongs to a "healthy eating", but because is a kind of "Eclipse", so their body vitamin B12 supply tend to become a larger gap. Those who generally do not eat dairy products, eggs, fortified soy milk and other foods should take vitamin B12 every day. In addition, the vegetarian diet should be taken by taking vitamin D, to strengthen the absorption of calcium.

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