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Office worker should feed more flax seed oil

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As the saying goes, "people food is what matters to the people", food in people's life occupies a very important position, a healthy diet can improve people's learning and work efficiency, can also reduce the pressure, alleviate the mood. Under the huge pressure of life, a lot of office workers rush to work every day, a long time to go on a business trip, the food is very irregular, especially the cause of a lot of health problems. Therefore, the food problem must cause everyone especially to the attention of the office workers. For office workers, the daily morning and evening to add a certain amount of flax seed oil.
Morning, in fact, as long as the early 15 minutes, you can put breakfast problem easier to solve, can in the night the day before the food ready. The next day in the morning as long as a little bit processing can enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Every morning can drink a cup of linseed oil yogurt (i.e. in the yogurt added a few drops of "xinqidian" linseed oil STIR) and then eat some bread and flax seed oil, or with eggs and vegetables boiled noodles, bumps soup, cooked drip into the few drops "xinqidian" linseed oil, can be a very good complement of blood glucose, let you in the morning can be full of the energy input to the day's work among. Noon office workers are generally outside to eat, you can properly eat some meat, soy products, seafood and fruits and vegetables, etc., to achieve nutrition collocation reasonable. At night you can eat some food to promote sleep, like bananas, dates of cook congee collocation of linseed oil, can play to good tranquilizing the mind and brain function, let a busy day nerves relaxed, the night the United States and the United States sleep sleep.

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