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The origin of the flax seed is influenced by the content of

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Oil flax main growth at high altitude, large temperature difference, short frost-free period, such as dam in northern hebei, Inner Mongolia and other places, the bigger the temperature difference between day and night, flax seed of alpha linolenic acid content is higher, its nutrition and healthcare value is higher. Flax seed oil is alpha linolenic acid in the world one of the highest levels of vegetable oil.

Flax seed producing area different, its nutritional value and nutrient content is also very big difference. Flax seed in our country of origin are mainly distributed in hebei, gansu and Inner Mongolia, qinghai, xinjiang, heilongjiang and yunnan.

Experts to alpha linolenic acid, linoleic acid as the measurement indicators, using gas chromatography to determine the content of both in different regions and flax seed, the results showed that the samples of the average contents of alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid were 45.17% and 21.19% respectively, among them with northern hebei bashang region and Inner Mongolia area in the production of flax seed of alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid content is the highest, at 53.27%, 25.70% respectively.

According to the FDA and the WHO research proves that the alpha linolenic acid in enhancing intelligence, regulating blood lipid, blood three tenors, cancer has the very good effect. Flax seed oil can be a convenient way of Chinese residents add alpha linolenic acid.

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