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Effect of flax seed

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[name] Chinese linseed ("herbal map")

[class] seed

[synonym] linseed ("Bo Ji Fang"), ("compendium") tick sesame, linseed ("Chinese Medicine Pharmacology").

[source] as the seed of flax plant flax. Plant morphology detailed "linen".

[collected] 8 to October when the fruit is ripe cut grass, tied into small, dried, and seeds, cleanse impurities, dried.

[Medicine] seed was oval, thin side, the blunt end he end tip, and inclined to one side, about 4 to 6 mm, width of 2 ~ 3 mm thick, ca. 1.5 mm. Surface brown, smooth and shiny; a magnifying glass under visible tiny concave points, with the hilum tip concave portion, the ridges of the light brown, is located in the edge of the side. Testa thin, after removal, visible brown film like the endosperm, the inner surface is 2 pieces of flat side, a large protrusions shaped cotyledons, yellow, rich and oily, toward the seed radicle tip. In water, the skin of the epidermis is expanded into a mucous sheath that surrounds the entire seed. The tape of chewing is mucinous, oil - like, gas - free. The color red brown, bright, full, pure for the best.

Seed fatty oil chemical composition 】 【 30 ~ 48%, and 18 ~ 33% protein, clay 5 ~ 12%, 12 ~ 26% sugar, organic acid and vitamin. In addition, there are a small amount of cyanogen glucoside flax bitter glucoside. Immature seeds contain starch, disappear when mature.

At room temperature squeezing the linseed oil is yellow liquid, gas ex, light and intermediate gradient concentration in the air, the color gradually deepened, and is gradually enhanced taste. Oil main ingredients including linolenic acid in 21 ~ 45%, 25 ~ 59% linoleic acid, 15-20% oleic acid and palmitic acid, stearic acid glyceride, etc.

[pharmacological action] seeds contain viscose and oil, so has the effect of lubrication, moderate stimulus, can be used in the treatment of local inflammation.

"Sexual flavour" gan, ping.

1) figure by "compendium" : "gan, lukewarm, avirulent."

(2) the material medica south yunnan: "flavour GanXin, flat, non-toxic.

"To the" 1 "huang shu" : "fa jue Yin menstrual blood."

(2) "this through on the original" : "into the stomach."

Function attending 】 【 cure leprosy, the skin itch rash, hair loss, dry stool.

1) figure by "compendium" : "wind sores ringworm."

(2) the material medica south yunnan: "consumption."

(3) "manual of traditional Chinese medicine", "large intestine, detoxification pain. Im hot, erysipelas."

(4) the medicinal materials to learn: "cure pulmonary abscess purulent blood vomit."

(5) the kunming city folk are used such as herbs, "seeds and root: liver qi and bowel. Orchitis, hernia, chronic hepatitis, autumn zephyrlily headache, constipation."

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