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Linseed oil consumption and consumption of different groups

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Flax seed oil:
Healthy adults: 10-15ml/ day
Sub healthy adults: 10-20ml/ day
Three high crowd: 15-25ml/
Weight loss: 15-20ml/ day
Candidates, mental workers: 15-20ml/ day
Pregnant women:
3 months before pregnancy, 8-13ml/.
1-3 months pregnant, 5-10ml/.
4-6 months pregnant, 8-13ml/.
7-10 months pregnant, 10-15ml/.
Lactation, 10-15ml/ day
Infants and young children:
6 months -18 months, 2-3ml/.
1 year old half -3 year old, 3ml/ day.
3 years old - adult, 3-5ml/.
Daily with meals can be!
Method for edible oil:

Direct drinking:

Direct oral or drip in rice, bread or steamed bread, simple and convenient.

The clever mix dish:

Adding linseed oil to the dish or salad, virgin oil, delicious upgrade.

The soup seasoning:

The linseed oil drops into the cooked porridge, soup, milk, and fresh color.

The baking cakes:

With linseed oil instead of hydrogenated oil or cream baked cake, a new fashion of nutrition, health more delicious.

The homemade deployment:

The nutritional oil and soybean oil, peanut oil and rapeseed oil and so on the common edible oil according to the mixing ratio of 1:5, 1:10 edible, stir fries, pay attention to control the oil temperature can be.

The yogurt with linseed oil is:

First add 500ml milk 500ml self squeezed residue milk, then add a teaspoon of probiotics or plain yoghurt without sugar, at room temperature and fermented for 8-12 hours, made into a sugar free yogurt; then made no sugar yogurt 200ml and cold pressed linseed oil 15ml, stir in yogurt and oil security solution to the state can be; finally according to personal hobbies add diced fruits, vegetables, cereals and other.

Attention items of flax seed oil:

To keep the cool place sealed to avoid the light;

II open the oil cap, should be in one to one and a half months after eating, but also can be placed in the refrigerator to save, as far as possible within 3 months. To keep the oil fresh and good taste;

The light seal, away from heat, each use wipe the mouth of the bottle, cover tightly.

Recommended for hot pot of cold oil when cooking, avoid overheating (smoke) use.

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