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"Own family" Flax seed powder

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"Own family" Flax seed powder
【Mixed ingredients】Flax seed
【Flax acid content】Alpha linolenic acid 20% or so
【Product specifications】8g/ bag
【Product packaging】Bag
【The raw material origin】China
【Quality grade】Level 1
【Edible method】1, the amount of flaxseed powder spread in the porridge, rice, ice cream or yogurt; 2, the amount of flaxseed powder scattered on the sandwich, or steamed bread; 3, direct consumption, when before and after meals snacks.
【Storage condition】Cool and dry place
【Product standard number】GB/T15691-2008
【Shelf life】18 months
【Food production】Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China
【This product is processed by non GM raw material】

"Own family" Flaxseed seasoning powder in Wei county is rich in natural organic flax seed as raw materials refined, rich in Omega - 3 series of unsaturated fatty acids, including alpha linolenic acid content of about 20%, is the essential fatty acid for the human body.
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