Hebei xinqidian linseed oil spread green health culture

"Xinqidian" Grape seed oil -700ml

To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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"Xinqidian" Grape seed oil -700ml
【Mixed ingredients】Grape seed
【Linoleic acid content】The total amount of unsaturated fatty acid is more than 85%, linoleic acid is more than 68%
【Product specifications】700ml/ bottle
【Product packaging】Glass bottles
【The raw material origin】China
【The production process】squeeze
【Quality grade】Level 1
【Edible method】Cooking (suitable for high-temperature cooking), salad, drink, daub
【Storage condition】Avoid light, room temperature preservation, low temperature appear cloudy or precipitation is a normal physical phenomenon, does not affect the product nature, please rest assured to eat.
【Product standard number】GB/T 22478
【Production license number】QS1307 0201 0177
【Shelf life】18 months
【Food production】Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China
Grape seed oil by leading international physical extrusion technology, overcome the grape seed oil yield is low, the extraction of complex technical problems, no chemical leaching, so maximum retained the nutrients in plants; the smoke point is high, suitable for high temperature cooking Chinese dishes and rich nutrition.
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